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Founded in 2004, F.R. Perro Inc. is a production company, producing: Feature Films, Series, Shorts Films, Music Videos, and Commercials.

F.R. Perro's first feature, Remedial Attraction, premiered in 2006 at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge, MA.  It went on to be featured in the G.P.A.M. Film Festival, hosted in Newburgh, NY.

A pioneer in online entertainment, F.R. Perro produced two seasons and 19-hour-long-shows of the hit web-series High Heel Samurai, airing on Black Hole Online.  Written up in Boston Magazine, High Heel Samurai was described as "surprisingly compelling."  High Heel Samurai would go on to be featured at the Boston Super Mega Fest Comic Convention.


In 2010, F.R. Perro launched Perro Worldwide Comics, a comic & sci-fi entertainment division, dedicated to dramatic comic, sci-fi, martial arts, and action storytelling in a shared universe.  High Heel Samurai was absorbed into the Perro Worldwide Comics brand.  

Under the Perro Worldwide Comics brand, F.R. Perro produced Mission Park, a stylized superhero feature film geared towards adults.  Mission Park was featured at the Boston Comic Convention and Chicago C2E2.

As the Perro Worldwide brand expanded, comics, movies and television featuring an ever growing roster of heroes and villains have come together to form a complex narrative of adventure.  Productions of note include 2020's Lipstick Dojo, a feature film and spiritual successor to High Heel Samurai, and 2021's Film Gossip LA Inside Look, a short film that serves as a prologue for the upcoming martial arts epic, Teriyaki Chicken Rescue.

Dedicated to the best in storytelling, F.R. Perro seeks to produce groundbreaking and thought provoking entertainment for decades to come.

“Art, at it's best, is mind expanding, allowing for the fantastic to be realized.”

– Ashlyn Adair, Mission Park

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