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Year of Release:  2022-2024

Starring:  Tamar Shani, Latrice Samuel, Cho Colette, Regan Teller, Paul Aaron Shuster, Chip Perro

Type:  Series


After the events of Lipstick Dojo, the Tactical Samurai are more popular than ever before. Moving back to LA, they launch Tactical Samurai Investigations, an all-new reality show that continues the work they started on Lipstick Dojo.


With their screen-ready martial arts skills, the team takes to the streets, solving case after case, all while the cameras are rolling!

Tactical Samurai Investigations can be viewed in full, at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2021

Starring:  Tamar Shani, Chip Perro, Alex Chester

Type:  Short Film


The road to Teriyaki Chicken Rescue begins with Film Gossip LA Inside look.


Filmed in a "mocumentary" style, Film Gossip LA Inside Look delves into the mysterious origins of an arcade game like nothing seen before, and sets the stage for the massive Teriyaki Chicken Rescue saga.


Film Gossip LA Inside Look can be viewed online, at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2020

Starring:  Laura Sacchetti, Tamar Shani, Courtney Danforth, Liza Grillo, Caitlin Kenyon, Joey Delaurentis, Gregory Athans, Reggie Joseph, Suzy Cosgrove

Type:  Feature Film


Join Chastity, Gia, Brooke, and Sara, four Hollywood action starts turned real life detectives in a martial arts adventure with cosmic origins.

When Jonathan Center goes missing, it's up to the team to figure out what happened.  Their investigation leads them to Vexipan Industries, and a case that literally takes them to the edges of the galaxy and back again.

Lipstick Dojo can be viewed in full, at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2019-2020

Starring:  Liza Grillo, Chip Perro

Type:  Series


Gia violenti learns what it means to be a warrior in this martial arts adventure all about discovery, growth, and finding your true calling.  This ten-part series is a return to the Samurai Universe, and introduces viewers to the world of the all new Tactical Samurai.

Pelican can be viewed in full, at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2018-2020

Starring:  Chip Perro, Christina Closs, Suzy Cosgrove, Emily Santarsiero, David Crocker, Victoria Mitchell, Tamar Shani, and Adelle Scansaroli.

Type:  Series


Welcome to RoseForce, the most prestigious social club for True-Heroes on the Planet. Join Chip, Monica, Tessa, Apple, Victor, Valerie, Sasha, and Ruth in this epic saga about power, status, and adventure!

RoseForce premiered in 2018, and the pilot episode can be seen on Amazon streaming video and on Perro Worldwide Comics.  New episodes are set to air in 2022.


Year of Release:  2015

Starring:  Ally Matteodo, Jena Walsh

Type:  Short Film


The world of High Heel Samurai is revisited in Legend of The HHS.


In this short film, the larger "Samurai Universe" is established.  Meet the newest member of the Tallatetto family, and the newest villain, lurking in the shadows.

Legend of The HHS is available for viewing at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2012

Starring:  Various

Type:  Reality Series


What does it take to become a superhero?

In PWC Media Crossing, actors from across New England audition for the chance to star in an upcoming Perro Worldwide Comics adventure.

See the audition process from the inside, and learn just how difficult it really is to land that leading role.

Hero Cast was featured at the Boston Super Mega Fest comic book convention.


Year of Release:  2011-2012

Starring:  Various

Type:  Anthology Series


Classic adventures from PWC Comic Books are brought to life in this anthology series featuring high energy action and drama.

Media crosses from page to screen translating hand drawn storytelling into live action entertainment.


Year of Release:  2011

Starring:  Lindsey Marie Vinson, Emmalyn Anderson

Type:  Short Film


Long before RoseForce, it was Tessa and Cherry.


Filmed like a 1940's serial, complete with vintage effects and theatrical chapter makers, The Adventures of Young Tessa is a daring throwback to classic superhero adventures and an exciting glimpse at a unique corner of the Perro Worldwide Universe.

Young Tessa premiered online, at Perro Worldwide Comics, and was made available on DVD.


Year of Release:  2010

Starring:  Chip Perro, Sam Pannier, Lauren Guglielmello, Casey Preston, Christopher G. Pike

Type:  Feature Film


Broken after strained relations, Team RoseForce has collapsed.  Ember fights on his own terms, but has taken to the role of anarchist with a dangerous zeal.  Tessa Faux continues to watch the city with a vigilant and seductive eye.  Apple Orchard is in retirement, laying low after a devastating case.  Timothy Note has returned to his music, and Victor Strength is as isolated as he was before he joined the team.  Despite everything, a new threat is festering in the city of Boston.  With the stakes at an all-time high, the team will unite for a single night to crush an evil plot that could unravel the foundation of the free world.

Mission Park premiered at the Brattle Theatre, in Cambridge MA, and was made available on DVD.


Year of Release:  2007-2010

Starring:  Lauren Guglielmello, Judith Kalaora, Sam Pannier, Mia Van de Water, Alexandra Maiorino, Maya Murphy, Casey Preston, Brandon Stumpf, Drew Cooper, Lindsay Poole, William Durance, Paul Drechsler-Martell, Caroline Rodriguez, Hugh Reiss, Barry Ace 

Type:  Series


Tori Tallatetto has no idea what she’s getting herself into. When her sister, Mia, revived her father’s infamous fighting tournament, the only thing Tori wanted was to be part of the fun. Little did she realize, the competition isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life.


Lifelong friends Sophie Tremble, Catia Montaccini, and Blaire Salia complete the High Heel Samurai, and together they take to the street in an annual fighting competition with the style and grace that only these knockouts could deliver.

High Heel Samurai premiered on Black Hole Online, and is now available for viewing at Perro Worldwide Comics.


Year of Release:  2006

Starring:  Mitchell Maxwell, Roxanne Nichols

Type:  Reality/Cooking


Join Chef Mitchell Maxwell in the kitchen, as he teaches you how to make restaurant quality dishes.  Along for the culinary adventure is Roxanne Nichols.


Being in the kitchen has never been more fun!  

Cooking to The Max premiered on Black Hole Online.


Year of Release:  2006

Starring:  Josh McHugh

Type:  Series


Ryan Shade has problems...  And the biggest problem of all, is himself.


Too bad all of his alter egos can't be more help!  Yes, you read that right.  Watch Ryan argue with every version of himself, as he struggles to make sense of a world that might just be more mixed up than he is.

Shades of Ryan premiered on Black Hole Online.


Year of Release:  2006

Starring:  Danielle Lozeau, Lana Adler, Kyle Erha, Harley Yanoff, Lauren Guglielmello, Collin Pelton, Julia Broder, Vincent Pegurri, Adam LaFramboise

Type:  Feature Film


Everyone said that the summer before senior year was supposed to be fun.  Too bad cousins Tara Wellword and Amy Wellword are stuck in summer school.  Forced to take remedial algebra after getting bad grades junior year, Tara and Amy didn't have high hopes for how their senior year was shaping up.  To make matters worse, they're sharing the class with troublemakers Erin Borris and Nate Peters.  Over the next three months, they'll finally learn what high school is all about, or fail trying.

Remedial Attraction premiered at the Kendall Square Cinema, and was made available on DVD.


Year of Release:  2004

Starring:  Jennifer Ouellette, Thomas Olson, Theresa DeGloria, Phil Brown

Type:  Short Film


Sometimes, what we say has a double meaning.  What seems like a rift between two couples turns out to be something bigger in this inaugural short from F.R. Perro Inc.

The Park Bench premiered at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, in Brookline, MA.

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