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In Pre-Production

Teriyaki Chicken Rescue

Directors:  Chip Perro & Rick Perro

Screenwriter:  Chip Perro

Genre:  Martial Arts/Sci-Fi


Plot Synopsis:

Conrad Monroe lays dead on the floor, the victim of a horrific murder. With few leads, Detectives Mitchell and Connelly turn to Observatory Director Vee. They soon learn that the killer came for Conrad's access card, gaining entry to the mysterious sub-basement-two. Not only that, the killer could still be in the building.


Racing below, Mitchell and Connelly make a startling discovery. A seemingly real-life flying saucer, a dead alien, a mysterious cabinet arcade, and the sweet scent of rice wine lingering in the air. All of this, leaving them with even more questions than before.


Enter the Fructose Samurai... Hollywood action stars turned real life detectives. That's right! Chastity Violenti, Gia Violenti, Brooke Adler, Sara Nakayama, Jane Jules, Pam Wyatt, Dale Aurora, and Vance Gray are on the case.


With their screen-ready martial arts skills, high tech bulletproof armor, and a hit reality series that documents everything, the case of a lifetime is about to be blown wide open.

Sizzle Reel

The road to Teriyaki Chicken Rescue begins with Film Gossip LA.


See the short film that kicks off the massive Teriyaki Chicken Rescue saga, setting the stage for an epic martial arts extravaganza.



Tamar Shani
Alex Chester
Chip Perro

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